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Artist: BNNT

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"MULTIVERSE" is the new album from BNNT - a duo formed by Konrad Smoleński and Daniel Szwed. Featuring guest appearances from Mats Gustafsson and Stine Janvin Motland, the record comes out in October of 2017 via Instant Classic label.

BNNT is not your regular music group. It would be more adequate to call them an artistic group as their areas of activity range over music, visual arts and theatrical performances. "MULTIVERSE" is based on lengthy improvisations deeply rooted in tribal drumming with post-dance music flavours. It is also BNNT's first new material since 2012's "QASSAM" recorded with Robert Piernikowski (Syny). "I wouldn't say we took 5-year long vacations from BNNT," argues Smoleński. "Of course our pace appears to be a little slow but keep in mind we performed a number of times during those years and switched a couple of languages," he says.

Most of the "song" titles are borrowed from Emil Cioran and bibliograhy that goes along the record seems to underline the "MULTIVERSE" concept behind this work of art. "One of the narrations of this album has a lot to do with different layers of reality that may coexist and this bibliography should serve the listener as a guide and provide a number of meanings," explains Smoleński. "The 'lyrics' we included in the booklet are almost illegible, blurred. We put extra effort into treating them as music, more like a way of transferring feelings. This comes along with a perception that our own singular perspective may not be the most obvious one around."

Recorded by Michał Kupicz. Mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg.